What is the Midtown Neighborhood Association?

The Midtown Neighborhood Association (MNA) is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Midtown Phoenix. The organization was formed in 2008 as the Midtown Museum District Neighborhood Association by residents of Tapestry on Central seeking greater City representation for their neighborhood. Our geographic sphere of influence represents many diverse neighborhoods and constituencies in the area roughly bounded by Roosevelt Street to Camelback Road and 15th Avenue to 12th Street.

What is the mission of the Midtown Neighborhood Association?

The Midtown Neighborhood Association exists to promote the livability of the Midtown Phoenix neighborhood.

What does the Midtown Neighborhood Association do?

  • Advocates for Midtown Phoenix at City of Phoenix hearings

  • Conducts broad communications via newsletter, social media, and printed publications to help connect Midtown residents and businesses

  • Discusses neighborhood concerns with residents and businesses

  • Partners with local and state governments and civic organizations to achieve our mission

  • Organizes and promotes the Midtown Urban Living Tour in November

  • Organizes and promotes the Sunday off Central neighborhood block party in March

Who serves on the Board of Directors?

Our Board of Directors consists of up to nine members who share a commitment to enhance the standing of Midtown Phoenix and make it the place to live, work, and play in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Board members’ backgrounds, areas of expertise, and connections provide our organization the tools needed to advance our mission and our organization. The Midtown Neighborhood Association believes that our Board should reflect the residential and commercial nature of Midtown Phoenix and is open to residents and business executives alike who live and work in our neighborhood.

What is expected of a Board Member?

The Midtown Neighborhood Association Board of Directors is a working Board in a very real sense and depends on the active participation of each Board Member. Members appear before elected officials, connect with Midtown’s residential communities, and partner with the area’s businesses. Board Members are expected to serve on ad hoc or standing Committees.  Board Members also serve as liaisons to their residential, corporate, and civic groups, encourage those groups to work with and partner with the Midtown Neighborhood Association.

With rare exception, the full Board alternates its monthly meetings between Board meetings to discuss Association business, including hearing committee reports, and neighborhood meetings open to the Midtown community to hear about current issues and to engage the decisionmakers at City Hall and the State Capitol in dialogue as well as hear from community organizations with Midtown interests. Board Committees also meet with varying frequency to work on their specific projects. Board Members are also expected to participate in the Association’s events.