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tour midtown's coolest homes

Saturday November 4, 2017


The Midtown Neighborhood Association is proud to announce the Fifth Annual Midtown Urban Living Tour to be held Saturday, November 4 from 11 AM – 5 PM. This self-guided tour will showcase homes in eight of Midtown’s finest buildings and offer the rare opportunity for tour-goers to explore residences in these buildings. All of the residences are new to the tour.

The tour is designed for participants to get a true feel for urban living and each venue is conveniently located within walking distance of the light rail. Bike racks will be available at each location and a complimentary trolley will be circulating among the buildings on the tour for tour-goers.

"The Midtown Urban Living Tour allows participants to envision the city life they've always dreamed of," said Patrick O'Connell, President of Midtown Neighborhood Association.  "Finding a home among some of the nation's best theaters, business centers, museums and more is possible for people at any stage in life.  On this tour, you can learn about and experience it for yourself."


Where we going?!


Oh the places we'll go. Just you wait. This year's tour will take us all around midtown to see 8 distinguished locations. 


1.Artisan Lofts on central

1326 N Central Ave

5. tapestry on central

2302 N Central Ave


2. Chateau de Ville

129 E Palm Lane

6.villa del coronado

140 E Coronado Rd


3. Phoenix Towers

2201 N Central Ave

7. the Muse

1616 N Central Ave


4. Regency on Central

2323 N Central Ave


3131 N Central Ave



Getting around

We're proud to have partnered with these transportation companies to help you get around!